Environmental Solutions

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The Project will be designed, constructed and operated in a manner consistent with all applicable federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. The detailed design and planning process for the Project was scrutinized for its potential impact on the environment.

Potential environmental effects of the Project will be mitigated by locating the new unit at the existing Holcomb Station site and with state-of-the-art emissions control technology. Regulatory review of water, air, and waste disposal will further ensure that the environment and public health is protected.

The majority of area to be used for the Project has been previously disturbed as part of the original development of the Holcomb Station. Construction of the new unit, adjacent to the existing generation unit, will allow for the common use of a number of facilities, including the rail spur, coal receiving and handling system, water treatment, waste disposal system, warehouse and control facilities. The use of common facilities will minimize the overall ground disturbance and environmental impacts associated with the development of these facilities.

Air Emission Control Technology

Solid Waste

Water Use